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Supporting Foster Families

Supporting Foster Families

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Given the heroin epidemic and soaring rates of childhood trauma and abuse, an estimated 8,000 Ohio children need a place of respite and stability – every day.

Demonstrate the transformative power of love. Step up as a foster parent. Change a child’s life.

We make good foster parents better, too.

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Virtual Foster Parent Info Sessions

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“SVFC staff were very flexible… When we couldn’t attend training sessions, they held a special training session for us… this takes a lot of dedication, coming in on a Saturday, or after hours, but they did it with a smile.”

– St. Vincent Foster Parent

“I have only great things to say about the care they demonstrated to us. They’re lovely people, extremely trustworthy, big-hearted, and very knowledgeable…”

– St. Vincent Foster Parent

Our mission starts by matching every child with a loving, nurturing foster parent who provides a place that feels like what home should be.

We know that foster parents who are well-trained and regularly supported make the best foster parents. That’s why we equip you with meaningful information and techniques, and we connect you to our highly experienced team of child behavioral health experts.

While this page features some Commonly Asked Questions (see below) and we offer a searchable directory about specific behavioral health issues, we encourage you to schedule a personal consultation with us today. Click the “GET STARTED” button to complete the form on this page or call 614-252-0731. Together, we can answer your questions and plan ahead for an amazing experience as a foster family.

Thank you for your interest. We know you could be an incredible life-changer.


The SVFC Foster Parent Process

  • Call us or complete the online inquiry form and we will send our information packet to you and schedule an informational session at your convenience. Learn more about our Foster Care program and help us get to know you, too.
  • Attend Foster Parent Training Classes. These required classes clarify the expectations, responsibilities, challenges and rewards of foster parenting.
  • Complete the Family Assessment. These steps can be undertaken even while you’re still attending classes. Assessments involve 3+ home visits from a licensing coordinator.
  • Submit Documentation. We obtain necessary documentation to recommend your foster care licensure through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.
  • A Child is placed in Your Home – and we’re here to help all the time and in many ways!
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Foster Parents working with St. Vincent Family Center are assigned a specific team member to help with any questions and offer additional resources. If you need to reach us, please call (614) 252-0731.

In addition, we have a searchable directory about specific behavioral health issues that might answer some of your questions. We’ve also put together a list of resources and helpful websites for Foster Parents:

Ohio Foster Care Rules — http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/5101%3A2
Central Ohio Regional Training Center — http://ocwtp.net/CORTC/training.html
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Forms Central — http://www.odjfs.state.oh.us/forms/inter.asp
Franklin County Children’s Services — http://childrenservices.franklincountyohio.gov/
Casey Life Skills for Independent Living — http://lifeskills.casey.org/clsa_learn_youth
National Child Traumatic Stress Network — http://www.nctsn.org/

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean for a child to be in Foster Care?

A: Children may be removed from their home for many reasons, including neglect, abuse or the parent’s inability to care for the child/ren due to addiction, homelessness or other reasons. While we hope every child can reunite with family or a relative, the process can take a long time as caregivers must demonstrate that they can now offer safety, stability and a loving environment.

Foster parents play a vital role, as a bridge, a safe haven, a loving non-judgmental influence that can truly be life-changing to kids enduring trauma and upheaval.

Q: What is treatment Foster Care?

A: Some children exposed to neglect and abuse may experience extreme trauma and “act out” in challenging ways. That’s where we come in. Our experienced staff stand ready to support you and your foster child around the clock and can link your foster child with counseling and other supportive services at St. Vincent Family Center.

Q: Who selects what home the child goes into?

A: We collaborate with you and the local children's services agency on this critical decision. Our team carefully reviews the child’s needs to match kids with foster parents who seem a fit based upon expressed preferences, skills of the foster parents and a host of related factors. We listen to you and exercise our best judgment based upon the unique needs of children in our care. Once we offer your home to the children's services agency, they will make the final placement decision for the best foster family available to meet the individualized needs of the foster child or sibling group.

Q: Will I be financially responsible for the foster child?

A: Yes, however there are supports available to help with this. Foster parents receive a tax-free, twice monthly, pre-determined reimbursement to assist with the foster child’s basic needs. The amount is directly deposited into your account based on the number of days the child is in your care. Regarding health care, all foster care children are on the Medicaid program.

Q: Do I have to meet with the birth parents or family of origin?

A: The children's services agencies will decide at the time of placement any relatives or others the child/ren may have contact with during their stay in foster care, and how frequent this contact should be.

We’re with you every step of the way in finding how best and most responsibly to help this child and their family.

Q: Will the child need to change schools?

A: Change is hard for children and, when possible, foster children may be able to remain in their home school. If this is not in their best interest, they can be enrolled in the school local to the foster home. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the children's services agency.

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