We make good kids better.

Our Team

Senior Staff

Susan Lewis Kaylor, President & CEO


Paul Cornett, CFO


Dr. Jeff Greene, Vice President of Residential, Foster Care & Medical Services


Rejeana HaynesVice President of Clinical Operations


Jacqueline Carey, Director of Human Resources

Angela Summers, Director of Operations


Program Directors

Emily Eckert, Program Director, St. Vincent Prep Academy & Beatty Park Project

Heather Gutierrez, Program Director, Residential & Foster Care

Amber Lentz, Program Director, Community Family Intervention, Hispanic/Latino Services, Intensive Family Stabilization & Outpatient Family Services

Janelle Miller, Principal, St. Vincent Prep Academy

Maurice Nowlin, Program Director, Prevention


For questions about donations or volunteering, please contact Deb Huff at 614-252-0731, ext. 1132.

For all other community relations inquiries, please contact Sara Russell at 614-252-0731, ext. 1153.