We make good kids better.

Our Team

Senior Staff

Susan Lewis Kaylor, President & CEO


Paul Cornett, CFO


Dr. Jeff Greene, Vice President of Residential, Foster Care & Medical Services


Rejeana Haynes, Vice President of Clinical Operations


Jacqueline Carey, Director of Human Resources

Angela Summers, Director of Operations

Program Director


Nicole Kahler, Program Director, St. Vincent Prep Academy


Amber Lentz, Program Director, Community Family Intervention, Hispanic/Latino Services, Intensive Family Stabilization & Outpatient Family Services


Maurice Nowlin, Program Director, Prevention & Beatty Park Project


Becky Paull, Program Director, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation



For questions about donations or volunteering, please contact Deb Huff at 614-252-0731, ext. 1132.

For all other community relations inquiries, please contact Sara Russell at 614-252-0731, ext. 1153.