We work with children 5 to 13 years of age who, because of their behaviors, are a danger to themselves or others either at home or in the community. Residential treatment is our most intensive program.

Families are very involved in the treatment process and must demonstrate that less intensive interventions have not been successful. Our families also participate in therapy sessions with their children. While children in residential treatment are closely supervised 24 hours a day, we are not a locked facility.

Generally children in the program have exhibited some type of violent or self-destructive behavior.

Our goal is to stabilize the child's behavior so that he or she is no longer a danger to self or others and may be moved to a less restrictive setting.

Children served through the Residential Program generally have chronic and severe emotional, social and/or behavioral problems, which result from a primary psychiatric diagnosis; have a history of not responding to traditional outpatient treatment or short-term acute hospitalization programs; and, have a history of treatment resistance, failed foster care placements and/or multiple inpatient stays.

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