How many children are in each class for the Therapeutic School Age (TSA) and Therapeutic Preschool (TPS) Programs?  Each class has one teacher and one Behavioral Health Specialist. There are no more than 9 students in TSA and  11 in TPS . In some instances, additional adults may be present to allow children the attention they need.

How do you decide which program to put my child in?  Your child's age and presenting concerns are factors that help us place your child into the most appropriate service for his/her needs.

What will services cost me?  The cost of services is based on the family's ability to pay, income and number of dependents. In many cases, public funding and private insurance can help in covering program costs.

My child gets medicine every day; is this a problem?  No.  Nursing staff and a child psychiatrist on staff administer medication as necessary.

How do I receive more information about the services you provide?  If you have specific questions about our services or if you are seeking solutions to your child's behavioral issues, please call (614) 252-0731 and ask for someone in the Intake Department.

Do you have anger management services?  Yes.  St. Vincent Family Center can help with anger management, as well as social and peer interactions, conflict resolution, communication skills, life-skills, and self-esteem issues.

Is transportation provided?  Transportation is available for several of our programs and based on geographical location.

How do I prepare for an initial visit with St. Vincent Family Center? What should I expect?  Our Intake Department will do a preliminary screening over the phone to determine if our services seem appropriate for the child and our services. It is important to know the child's age, education level, address, and specific behavior issues before calling. If the child lives outside of Franklin County, they will not qualify for the sliding fee scale and may need to consider other options.

Once the initial phone assessment has been completed, an appointment will be made to meet with our Intake department. This appointment will take approximately 20 minutes, and the child does not need to attend. (Actually, we prefer children do not attend this appointment). Please have the following on hand:
• Insurance/Medicaid card
• Child's Social Security card
• Proof of monthly or annual income
• Photo Identification (Driver's License or State ID)
• Custody papers (if applicable)

Once the pre-screen papers have been signed and all information is complete, a two-hour assessment will be scheduled with a clinician. The child MUST be present at this appointment, after which the suggested course of action will be presented.

Can I tour the facilities?  Yes.  St. Vincent Family Center welcomes the community to tour our facilities. Please call our Advancement Department, 614-252-0731.

I want to help out; how do I get involved?  Whether your interest is in volunteering, in-kind donations or monetary support, St. Vincent Family Center can find ways for you to participate in our efforts to strengthen the community. Please call our Development Director at (614) 252-0731 or email us at mandd@svfc.org to get involved.

Do children still receive academic education?  Although some of the programs have academic components our main goal for clients is behavioral and emotional stability.

Is there a sliding fee scale available for me?  Yes.  For Franklin County residents, but we will not turn away any child who needs our services; regardless of the family's income. The cost of services is based on the family's ability to pay, income and number of dependents. In many cases, public funding and private insurance can help in covering program costs.

Do you accept Medicaid?  Yes.  Medicaid is available for clients whom are Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries.

The answer to my question is not in the FAQ; whom do I contact for more specific information?  Email us at mandd@svfc.org your question or concern and we'll be happy to assist you. Please include a phone number if you would rather us contact you by phone.